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   Arizona Accounting and Information Systems
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Sage FASFirstStep

A member of the Sage FAS family of integrated asset management solutions.

Sage FAS FirstStep provides advanced fixed asset accounting and reporting features for businesses managing fewer than 1,000 fixed assets. Sage FAS FirstStep offers effective decision-making tools for integrated accounting environments, giving a complete overview of your fixed assets at every stage. As the easiest to use, most affordable solution of its kind in the industry, Sage FAS FirstStep is the right choice for your growing business.

Enjoy simplicity and savings when managing fixed assets.

  • Seven books, all visible on one screen - Internal, Tax, ACE, AMT, State, and two user-defined custom books
  • Automatic creation of AMT and ACE schedules and over 20 methods of depreciation - including MACRS 150% and 200% (formulas and tables), ACRS, Straight Line, Modified Straight Line (formulas and tables), Declining Balance, Sum-of-the-Years-Digits, and customized depreciation methods
  • Built-in depreciation rules ensure you use the correct depreciation method and tax schedule
  • New Company Setup Wizard makes set-up fast and easy
  • Includes the Sage FAS Depreciation Guide - an electronic version of the definitive resource on fixed asset management
  • New Asset Wizard simplifies the creation, acquisition, and depreciation of fixed assets
  • "Detail View" examines any fixed asset using the three most commonly used books on screen, as well as the location, history, notes, and disposal records for that asset - plus four additional books (for a total of seven) are just a mouse-click away
  • Online Help and electronic documentation
  • The easiest, most affordable fixed asset management solution in the Sage FAS family

  • Customizable features help increase productivity.

  • Customizable "SmartLists" for fast, accurate asset entry
  • Asset templates
  • "Group Manager" easily creates and defines custom asset groups
  • "Group View" for viewing assets within a specified group at any time
  • Over 20 pre-defined, automatic reports capture the precise data needed for making fast, accurate decisions

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