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Sage FASGov

Sage FAS Gov Suite Includes:

  • Sage FAS Gov Asset Accounting™
  • Sage FAS Gov Asset Inventory™

  • Sage FAS ReportWriter

  • Sage FAS Gov Asset Accounting provides easy-to-use fixed asset accounting and reporting features for government, school, and non-profit organizations needing effective decision-making tools in integrated accounding environments and helps them comply with GASB 34/35 requirements. Sage FAS has successfully served organizations for over 20 years and is used by the "Big Four" accounting firms. Giving you a complete overview of your fixed assets at every stage, Sage FAS Gov Asset Accounting is the perfect solution for your GASB 34/35 needs.

    The comprehensive solution for managing fixed assets.

  • Manage entire fixed asset lifecycles from acquisition to transfers and disposals

  • Allocate cost and depreciation for individual or groups of assets to more than one funding source

  • Integrates with your General Ledger solution and proprietary systems

  • Custom ReportWriter option enables graphics, drilldown, and batch reporting capabilities

  • Password security on user-defined menu levels

  • Powerful Import/Export Helper with easy-to-use wizards

  • Flexible depreciation - including both standard and customized depreciation methods

  • Over 20 ready-to-use fixed asset reports

  • Customizable features help increase productivity.

  • Easy-to-use reporting tools for creating detailed custom reports

  • Fully customizable data entry fields

  • Powerful allocation feature distributes fixed asset cost and depreciation to multiple funding sources

  • Customizable "SmartLists" give users defined drop-down lists, for fast and accurate asset entry

  • Customizable "Group Manager" helps you organize and view only the assets you're interested in

  • Extended user fields and asset descriptions

  • "Asset Templates" promote data integrity and accelerate the process of entering new assets

  • Ability to copy organization data to another organization

  • Record important details by attaching notes, photos, or documents to individual assets

  • On-Screen asset budgeting projections

  • Ready-to-use GASB compliant reports for year-end financial statements

  • Sage FAS Gov Asset Inventory provides complete asset inventory tracking and reconciliation capabilities for government, school, and non-profit organizations needing help with GASB 34/35 requirements. Using state-of-the-art bar code technology, including Windows® CE and Palm OS® devices, Sage FAS Gov Asset Inventory creates and tracks multiple physical inventories of assets quickly and efficiently - giving you tighter control of your fixed assets.

    Complete control over your entire asset inventory at every step

  • Integrates seamlessly with Sage FAS Gov Asset Accounting™, allowing physical inventory data to be easily reconciled with existing asset data

  • Conduct multiple inventories concurrently at various sites and reconcile data at one central location

  • Supports both types of inventories - Baseline to add new assets, and Dynamic to verify information on existing assets

  • "Import/Export Helper" allows you to import data from, or export data to, the most popular spreadsheet and database applications

  • Affordable Windows CE and Palm OS inventory readers make it easy to perform inventories

  • On-screen "Virtual Reader" lets you perform a test inventory - and even add assets - before you invest in hardware

  • Over fifty fully customizable data entry fields

  • "Secondary Tag" field allows you to summarize assets by room

  • Record important details by attaching notes, photos, or documents to individual assets

  • "Detail View" provides complete information including property type, class, acquisition date, supplier location, GL asset account, accumulated and expense account numbers, custodian, and more

  • Fixed asset inventory labels available for purchase online at Sage Software

    Sage FAS Gov ReportWriter gives you total control over the format, appearance, and context of all your depreciation and asset management reports. Sage FAS ReportWriter lets you create professional, custom reports instantly, to save and reuse whenever you wish. What's more, you can even share fixed asset data with other programs using the built-in ASCII and spreadsheet exports. Enjoy custom reports and data integration - all in one easy-to-use, point-and-click system.

    Complete flexibility with unlimited reporting possibilities.

  • Handle any volume of data, up to 999,999 assets in a single report

  • Select any Sage FAS Gov Asset Accounting™ or Sage FAS Gov Asset Inventory™ data field you want to use as a column heading

  • Choose the range of assets you want to include in your report - you can even specify a wildcard entry which will search the database for a partial match of what you're looking for

  • Determine the way you want to subtotal and group the data in your reports - you'll have an unlimited number of sorts and subtotals

  • Create an unlimited number of calculated columns which can be designed to hold the results of calculations based on other fields and columns, or on your own custom formulas

  • Store report templates for future use or editing

  • Use visuals to make your fixed asset data stand out - create graphs using Sage FAS Gov data, or copy and paste existing graphics

  • Export data to Excel, Lotus, Word, WordPerfect®, ASCII files, and more

  • Save report definitions to use for future reports or share with other users, saving hours of valuable time

  • Enjoy unlimited possibilities for any type of report - including Consolidated, Summary, and Asset Insurance

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