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   Arizona Accounting and Information Systems
Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 Accounting Software Reseller


Your industry specific and company specific information needs require a level of flexibility in your use of Sage MAS90/Sage MAS200 accounting software. These needs may include the ability to generate orders away from the office (Remote Salesperson), the ability to generate, schedule and track jobs with industry or company specific information and the ability to estimate projects with a high level of detail and variability. For these needs and more AAIS can provide the expertise and experience necessary to design and implement solutions.

Through the use of Visual Integrator, other Sage MAS90/Sage MAS200 tools and data sharing standards, AAIS can provide custom solutions to fit your specific needs. AAIS is also experienced in the implementation and use of Remote Salesperson module designed to give you and your staff the ability to access sales and customer information from a Palm PDA as well as add and update data from remote locations. AAIS has also provided custom mobile data (PDA, Handheld Device) solutions for Sage MAS90/Sage MAS200.

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