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Peachtree by Sage to Sage MAS 90

As your business begins to grow you will quickly find that Peachtree no longer provides all the functions and features you require. Sage MAS90 provides all the tools to ease the conversion and ensure a smooth transition. AAIS is a certified Peachtree to Sage MAS90 Data Conversion Specialist. To find out more about the benefits of transitioning from Peachtree to Sage MAS90 see the comparison chart below or contact a member of our consulting staff (480) 668-5839 or online.

Case Study: Peachtree to Sage MAS200

Sage MAS 90 Peachtree 2000


Additional Modules
Bank Reconciliation Deposits do not update
Bar Code
Work Order
Material Requirements Planning
Time Card
Business Alerts
Credit Card Processing
Remote Solutions Palm OS Integration
Integration with F9
Integration with FRx
Integration with Crystal Reports®
Time & Billing
Contact Management
General Ledger
GL account number size 9 11
Number of GL accounts segments 3 4
GL account description size 30 25
Number of years for historical data 99 6
Number of accounting periods 13 13
Post to GL by segment?
Does GL integrate with F9
Does GL integration with FRx
Number of budget years 3 2
Can GL data be viewed graphically
GL support allocation entries
GL support multi-company consolidation
Accounts Payable    
AP vendor number size 7 10
Does AP support divisions
Number of address lines 3 2
Multiple contacts per vendor
Maximum invoice number size 10 8
Ability to store vendors URL address
Ability to store vendors e-mail address
Ability to print checks on blank safety check paper (MICR)
Generate 1099s on magnetic media Yes, requires Magnetic Media module
When selecting invoices for payment, system shows current running cash balance
Generate 1099s for non-employee compensation, interest and dividend payments
Multiple invoice batches
Apply AP vendor balances to AR invoices
Merge two vendor accounts together
Flag for a separate check for each invoice
Accounts Receivable    
AR customer number size 7 10
Does AR support divisions
Number of address lines 3 2
Multiple contacts per customer
Store customer's credit card numbers
Invoice number size 7 8
Store customers URL address
Customer record marked as a prospect
Number of ship-to adresses 99999 Limited
Number of customer price levels 36 4
Multiple invoice batches
Merge two customer accounts together
Auto-Memo display during data entry
Place customers on credit hold
Tracks customer's average days to pay Limited
Sales Order / Order Entry    
Support recurring orders
Create master orders
Track promised ship date by line item
Automatically recommend alternate item number if selected item number is out of stock
Enter a customer's part number and select our part number (Alias item numbers)
Ability to enter line item discounts
Split commissions between up to five salespeople
Support for items sold in a different unit of measure than they are stocked in
View customer purchase history when entering sales order line items
Rate table automatically calculates freight charges
Credit check option for order entry
Support for drop-ship items
Inventory part number size 15 16
System-tracked inventory cycles
Support of lot numbers or serial numbers
Track multiple warehouses
Print inventory labels with bar codes
Support for contract pricing (Specific pricing for specific customers)
Physical count processing (the ability to continue to process sales orders while physical count is in process)
Two or more inventory items merge together
Support of product lines
Track ship date by line item
Attach an image to an item
Number of price levels per product 36 + contract pricing
Purchase Order    
Auto-generate purchase orders based on reorder points
Generate a purchase order based on a sales order
Allocate freight expense to inventory line items
Print Back Order Fill report that lists sales orders to be filled
Landed cost
Required dates entered by line item for each purchase order
Purchase Order generates Expected Delivery report
System Features    
Cash or Accrual Basis Accounting Accrual Accrual
Transactions posting method Batch Batch and Real Time
Search on reports printed to screen
Ability to create custom reports
Fixed Asset module available
Ability to add user-defined fields
Ability to change order of fields on screens
Ability to change tab stops
System displays action items (Action items are events, to-dos, alerts and tips) Limited
Ability to group reports Limited to GL financial statements only
Business analysis tool
Data drill-down capabilities
Multiple lookup options and filters
Does system enter state and city automatically when entering ZIP code?

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