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screen shots

These screen shots were taken from Sage MAS90 version 3.71 -- the latest release as of July 1, 2003. We've chosen to include only a few of the more common screens as display. As you will note, Sage MAS90 does an excellent job of maintaining a consistent user interface accross features and application modules. In fact, often it is said that once you learn and become accustomed to one application module, such as Accounts Receivable, learning to use others is quite easy. The main navigation of Sage MAS90 utilizes common program drop down menus as well as tree structure navigation. Within each screen Sage MAS90 utilizes a tabbed user interface extensively to conserve screen space and simplify user navigation.

Main Navigation

Customer Maintenance

Accounts Receivable Invoice Entry

Vendor Maintenance

Accounts Payable Invoice Entry

Sales Order Entry

Advanced Lookup Engine (ALE)

Inventory Maintenance

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