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   Arizona Accounting and Information Systems
Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200 Accounting Software Reseller


Check out the new AAIS Technical Forum for the latest Sage MAS90 support dialog.

Sage MAS90 / Sage MAS200 has a very large number of helpful features included with the basic installation and as part of each application module. Although you can be up and performing routine tasks in the program in a relatively short period of time, mastery of all the features does take some time but is very well worth it.

Included in your implementation plan, AAIS will schedule time for critical start up training. Our knowledgeable consultants will be onsite with your staff and your data to ensure you get the training you need to begin to take advantage of Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200 accounting software immediately. As you begin to take on more advanced tasks through your accounting software, AAIS will demonstrate and train your staff how to utilize all that the program has to offer to increase efficiency and accuracy. AAIS will also provide you the tools to keep up with the latest changes and additions to Sage MAS90 and Sage MAS200.

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