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   Arizona Accounting and Information Systems
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Wholesale Distributor: Everything Bobier sells is billed through their wholesale distributors. Bobier Sales calls on the wholesale plumbing, irrigation, waterworks, refrigeration, heating, and hardware distributors. 

Retail: Bobier Sales retail division services Home Depot, Lowes, Payless Cashway, Lumberman’s, Ace, True Value, Homco, Fred Meyers, Foxworth, and other stores throughout Arizona. From new store sets and resets, to weekly store servicing, Bobier services retail stores on a consistent, regular basis. 

Commercial Market: To obtain high market penetration, Bobier Sales calls on specifiers, engineers, and mechanical contractors. They are active members in A.S.P.E. and participate in all their activities. To stay on top of the commercial market, Bobier uses two job reporting services, Dodge Reports and Manufacturer’s Survey Associates. They quote all jobs to our wholesale distributors using a computerized quotation system and a broadcast fax communications program. Bobier's commercial department is state-of-the-art. 

New Construction Residential: Bobier Sales spends much of their time with the homebuilder. Obtaining specs at this level pulls products through the plumbing contractor and the wholesale distributor. They are active members of the "Arizona Home Builders Association." Bobier's relationship with Arizona homebuilders is one of its strongest assets.

Letter of Recommendation

December 18, 2002

In the 48 years that my family business has been in existence, we have seen a lot of companies come and go.  Only a handful of the many service companies that we have dealt with have been truly exceptional.  "Arizona Accounting and Information Systems" is one of those companies.  Mark LaBarge came out to my place of business, met with all of the people, and asked, "What do you want the computer to do for you?"  He proceeded to find out how we do business, and then asked, "What do you like and dislike about your present computer?"  Mark met with my key people and listened.  He showed a genuine concern for our needs.  After he know what we needed, he got back with us to answer any questions he was not sure about.  There was no guesswork.  His proposal was black and white, easy to understand, and complete.

Once the decision was made to go with "Sage MAS90", all deadlines were met, quoted prices and custom reports were accurate and on time.  The entire staff at "AAIS" was as professional as Mark.  They did what they said they were going to do, and Tena Morgan, and Cory Wiltbank were by our side during the entire set up.  These people were knowledgeable of their product, and extremely patient.

Changing a new computer system is like building a new highway system, in the middle of rush hour.  The folks at "AAIS" made it a pleasure to do business with.  I would recommend Mark and his team to anybody dreading the task!

Mike Bobier

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