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TROCON Profile
Trocon is a valley-wide commercial and residential concrete contractor.  In its 22 years of business, Trocon has evolved from a very small concrete contracting company to a medium sized company with over 60 employees.  Trocon prides itself on providing exceptional quality services to its customers on projects ranging from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars in size.  The company continues today as a partner/family owned and run business.

Remaining competitive and profitable in the construction industry has required an increased and timely awareness of the financial condition of the company.  Prior to the implementation of Sage MAS90, Trocon had been employing the services of an outside accounting firm to generate quarterly financial reports from which management made strategic operating decisions.  Frustrated with the infrequent and often late access to this information, Trocon turned to AAIS for a solution. 
Trocon had a few years earlier designed and created a custom Microsoft Access database system to handle processes such as estimating, job costing, job tracking and invoicing.  Because the application was tailored to their specific business logic and had become an integral part of their operation, the solution would require a coexistence and partnership between the existing system and any new application.

The solution was to carefully implement and integrate an accounting software system that could be maintained internally, to ensure timely financial reporting to management, and that would compliment the existing application.  Sage Software's Sage MAS90 provided just that solution.

Trocon began its planning with the help of AAIS to target a date of implementation, plan out opportunities for training, and design the integration between the existing system and the soon to be implemented Sage MAS 90.  The Sage MAS90 modules in use are General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Visual Integrator. 

The integration between Sage MAS90 and the existing job cost database was achieved at key points such as payroll entry/job cost and invoicing/accounts receivable.  The integration not only functioned as hoped but also created a level of synergy by improving the capabilities of both systems.

Since implementation, Trocon has enjoyed the capability of getting financial reports on demand and in turn using this to improve strategic decision making and profitability company wide.  AAIS is proud to have been a part of this successful solution.

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