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A good indication of how a company will be able to successfully help you may be seen in how they help and have helped customers in your industry under similar circumstances. AAIS is founded on a philosophy of customer satisfaction and trust, engaging in services and practices that ensure for the customer that the benefits always far out-weigh the costs. Examples listed below are intended to illustrate what this means in application.

Profile: Commercial and Residential Concrete Contracting
Situation: Move financial accounting operations from outside accounting firm to inside department to increase timeliness of financial reporting, retaining and integrating accounting software with existing information system (estimating, scheduling, job cost).


Bobier Sales
Profile: Retail and Wholesale Distributor for plumbing, irrigation, waterworks, refrigeration, heating, and hardware fixtures, parts and accessories.
Situation: Previous accounting software was ineffective and under supported.


Sun Valley Electric
Profile:Design and manufacture of electrical boxes.
Situation:Manufacturing, Peachtree Conversion

Western Ag
Profile: Western Ag Enterprises, Inc. annually converts 23 million square feet of woven coated polyethylene fabric for hay stack covers, grain pile covers, athletic field covers and the mining industry.
Situation: Manufacturing, 3 production facilities, conversion from manufacturing plant accounting system to Sage MAS200.


Swift Aviation Services
Profile: Swift Aviation Services, Inc., located at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix, has been in business since 1991. The company refuels airplanes for US Airways, Airborne, ATA and other carriers, performs aircraft maintenance and repair, maintains a large inventory of aircraft parts, provides private terminal services for corporate jets, making hotel, rental car and catering arrangements as needed.
Situation: Service, Integration - custom data tracking needs, network support.

Sage Software Success Story Samples
Success Stories
Follow this link to read more about how others from a wide variety of industries and conditions have successfully implemented Sage MAS products into their business.

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