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database applications

There are many ways to collect and store data. Some organizations, though they presently make up a very small percentage of the business population, still collect and store data the old fashioned way utilizing paper and paper files. For these organizations, data collection and reporting are time consuming tasks and often are imprecise or not done at all due to the strain on resources.

A large percentage of businesses take advantage of Microsoft or other software applications to collect and store data. These applications often include basic "office" applications such as MS Word, MS Excel, Wordperfect or Lotus. This data collection and storage method increase data organization with advantages such as quick and easy reporting, however, these types of applications can be limiting as well. "Office" applications generally are weak when dealing with large amounts of data and can be somewhat confining where specific need features are required.

A larger number of businesses are turning to database technology accompanied with well designed user interface applications for their ultimate solutions. To find out more about these solutions and how AAIS can help you become more efficient and more informed, click on a link below.

  microsoft access
  microsoft sql server


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