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microsoft access

Microsoft Access is a database management program. This program is a member of the Microsoft Office family and is included in Office Professional installations. The latest full release is Access 2002 included with Office XP Professional; however, a new release, Access 2003, is on the way and is currently available as a beta version.

MS Access has become extremely popular for quickly developing simple database applications. It includes not only the ability to create and manage traditional database objects but includes, in addition, tools and features to design a user interface (forms) and reports. For sophisticated application functions Microsoft has included the ability for developers to create code modules by taking advantage of the integrated Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) language tools.

As part of the Microsoft Office family, Access is designed for full integration with other Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Windows compatible applications and databases. The database is ODBC compliant through a Microsoft Access ODBC driver, meaning data in an Access database can be accessed through other database and reporting applications that support ODBC as well. Due to its popularity there are a wealth of resources available including basic tutorials, technical chat forums, pre-designed Access applications and data access utilities.

AAIS has extensive experience with the MS Access program. Our design solutions include applications from a wide variety of industries. We specialize in complex system solutions that require functionality design and external application (i.e., Accounting Software, Estimate Software, Palm database) integration.

When designing an office data application, many times the most logical place to start for a small business owner is Excel spreadsheets. Quickly, however, spreadsheet users discover the limitations of their applications and require additional functionality that a spreadsheet does not perform well. AAIS provides valuable and efficient solutions to move your data from Excel spreadsheets into a database application such as MS Access, taking advantage of your data organization and the benefits of a database management program.

For more information about how your company can take advantage of the MS Access database management program to automate and increase efficiency, contact an AAIS consultant at (480) 668-5839 or online.

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