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microsoft sql server

SQL Server is Microsoft's enterprise level database management platform. In the Microsoft family, SQL Server is considered the full blown upgrade from Microsoft Access. In fact, one of the advantages of SQL Server is its tools for converting and upgrading existing MS Access databases. SQL Server 2000, the current SQL Server version, is considered one of the most dependable and secure database platforms for very large amounts of data.

Because SQL Server is a Microsoft product, users enjoy integration with familiar MS Office applications prevalently used. The management user interface has no surprises - remaining relatively consistent with other Windows applications' look and feel. Virtually all features and functions of the platform can be managed through wizards and Windows user interfaces. On the other hand, because SQL Server is a Microsoft product it can only be installed on Windows operating systems.

SQL Server comes in a variety of editions from the Enterprise Edition to the Personal Edition and even includes an edition strictly for desktop application development (MSDE). SQL Server is not an open source program and so traditional licensing costs can be an issue - especially when taken together with other required operating system software costs.

AAIS works extensively with applications utilizing SQL Server architecture. Whether it's upgrading from MS Access, developing a new application or managing existing applications that utilize SQL Server, our staff has the experience and training.

To find out more about how your company can benefit from Microsoft SQL Server contact an AAIS consultant at (480) 668-5839 or online.

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