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MySQL is the most popular open source database server in the world. There are currently more than 4 million installations in existance with 30,000 additional downloads of the software every day! MySQL databases are powering websites, datawarehouses, business applications, logging systems and more with customers such as Yahoo! Finance, MP3.com, Motorola, NASA, Silicon Graphics and Texas Instruments.

The MySQL database server was first released in 1995. Its architecture capitalizes on both speed and reliability with stable and consistent support for very large amounts of data. Extensive reuse of code in its structure enables the database server to remain both feature and function rich as well as small in terms of valuable disk space. MySQL is available for both Microsoft Windows and Unix, providing flexibility in terms of operating systems.

MySQL is most widely used as a web database or in e-commerce applications and with distributed applications. An ODBC driver call MyODBC is available and provides external access of MySQL data in applications such as MS Access, environments such as Visual Basic and report writing applications such as Crystal Reports.

As an open source database, MySQL is available (unsupported) for free. Support options and additional managment tools are available with prices available on the MySQL website.

AAIS knows that software prices can sometimes seem overwhelming. We are pleased to provide open source solutions that take advantage of cutting edge technology at free or near free software costs. AAIS uses MySQL as the database backend for web database applications including database driven websites (such as this website), in office intranet applications and extranet applications.

To find out more about how your company can take advantage of MySQL database server technology to both speed up and stabalize data storage and data access contact an AAIS consultant at (480) 668-5839 or online.

MySQL Documentation

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