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Going Mobile

The option to go mobile with your data is available and increasingly affordable. Undoubtedly your staff is becoming more and more aware of the advantages of a mobile solution implementation and have begun to ask for PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) to help accomplish their job functions. Going mobile increases productivity by allowing you and your organization to access critical information while away from the office. The result is a better informed, paperless office that understands customer needs and can effectively act on them. A mobile staff not only has better contact with critical information but also is better equipped to collect and report on their activities. Going mobile with PDAs is a cheap alternative to laptops and can be quickly implemented and easily maintained.

Why Palm OS?

Deciding to go mobile with PDAs is insufficient to get your project going. PDAs come in a variety of makes and models. Currently the market leader for PDA operating systems is Palm. While Palm is the developer of Palm OS, it is also manufacturers the physical handheld device that utilizes the Palm OS. Recently other companies have also begun to manufacture handheld devices using Palm OS. Some of these companies include Sony (Clie) and Handspring. Although the physical device may appear different, the look and feel of the software will be the same. Palm OS based PDAs are currently the most cost effective alternatives in the PDA market and there are loads of third-party software available for purchase and installation onto your Palm.

AAIS Palm Database Application Solutions

AAIS provides Palm databases application solutions for your organization. These solutions allow connectivity to existing data on your computer and network (accounting software, project management software etc.), data entry to integrate back to your office data and stand alone data collection for new application development. Solutions can be single user environments or multi-user environments with users sharing and swapping data not only with the office but also with each other.

AAIS Palm database application solutions utilize:

  • Palm OS (purchased with handheld device)
  • Palm OS compatible handheld device
  • SmartList to Go (a PDA database design application created by DataViz)
  • Microsoft Access

  • Palm solutions vary greatly in scope and design. All AAIS solutions are individually considered. Standard prices for mobile solutions are not available.



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