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Mobile Sales

On the go salespersons have a variety of information needs. To better understand the needs of customers they need to know more about them and their purchasing behavior. They also need to provide immediate answers, service and order capability to customers. A palm database application will allow a salesperson to instantly locate up-to-date customer demographic information, purchasing history, account status and inventory prices and availability. It will enable a salesperson to take a customer through the entire purchasing process, including order entry and confirmation, on the spot. A sales staff with a mobile solution can experience huge increases in efficiency both in the field as well as back in the office - less time looking for information, less time filling out paperwork or doing double data entry, less office staff support - which all means more quality sales time.

Project Management

A palm database solution is a natural companion to project management job functions. A mobile solution will allow ease of scheduling, an increased ability to track jobs and an efficient way to collect job costing information from production for feedback to estimating and marketing. Solutions can be developed for a variety of job specific tasks ensuring that projects start on time, are accomplished with quality and accuracy and are completed under budget and ahead of schedule.

Customer Service

Your organization's ability to create repeat customers is directly related to the quality of customer service you provide. A customer with a question or concern demands immediate assistance finding information about their account or project and a resolution to their concern. A mobile customer service staff can meet these needs and dramatically increase your organization's ability to create and retain repeat customers.

Palm Screen Shots (provided by DataViz on the dataviz.com website)



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