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web-database applications

Every industry, and realistically every company, has specific and unique business needs. Often times the best data solution is a custom solution.

Most custom data solutions require design and creation of a front-end user interface and a back-end database for data storage. The back end database can be of a variety of different platforms depending on data requirements such as volume and replication to name a few. The choice of front-end construction can vary widely as well. Some of the more common application development languages include C++, C#, Delphi and Visual Basic. Applications developed using one of these languages are installed applications meaning they require development, compiling, and installation to be used on a specific computer. Computers that don't have the software installed simply cannot run the programs.

An excellent alternative to these types of installed applications is a web application. Web applications take advantage of web and internet technology to provide universal access to your data. Typical web database applications are developed using HTML, Javascript for client side functions, and PHP or ASP for server side functions. In the end you have at your disposal an intranet or extranet application that, with the proper security, can be accessed by any computer that has a web browser such Internet Explorer installed and access to the Internet. The application is light-weight and efficiently maintained as changes at the server will immediately be available to everyone who has access to the application.

For more information about AAIS web database solutions contact an AAIS consultant at (480) 668-5839.



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