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What about Linux?

The development of the Linux operating system will likely have a dramatic impact on the IT industry. For the first time in many years there is a viable challenger to the Microsoft Windows platform. Linux network file servers offer most of the same features found in competing Microsoft products but at a fraction of the cost. Many popular Linux servers include integrated e-mail, web and remote access software which provide you to maximize the return on your IT investment. Best of all, Linux servers will work with your existing Windows desktops!

Linux Server Information & Pricing
RedHat Linux
Mandrake Linux

Office Suite Alternatives
OpenOffice.Org - MS Office Replacement

This cross-platform office suite is a very capable alternative to Microsoft Office. The recent price increases and licensing changes that have been made to the Microsoft Office platform have led to slow adoption rates for the latest version of the software. With the current price for the full version of Microsoft Office (Standard) listing for $375 per copy its good to know that there are alternatives. The OpenOffice.Org suite includes easy to use Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Graphics editing applications. This suite includes compatibilty with Microsoft Office file formats enabling you to share your documents with MS Office users. The OpenOffice.Org package is FREE and can be downloaded from the website OpenOffice.Org. The software currently runs on Windows, Linux and will soon be available for Mac OS X.

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