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Internet and data security is all about risk management. With the overwhelming number of security flaws discovered in software today, the question is WHEN not IF your company will be affected by security vulnerabilities. AAIS provides a full range of Internet and data security solutions designed to help you mitigate the risk. We take a layered approach to systems security to provide you with an effective solution. Some of these layers include:

Security Policy Development
We will work with your staff to develop a computing policy to assist you in managing the risk associated with always on internet access. We will assist you in defining acceptable use policies, educating your users, and establishing monitoring guidelines to help you manage your computing environment.

Security Auditing
Our staff will perform a comprehensive audit of your network and data systems to determine existing risks that may affect your business. The audit process includes reviewing network design, Internet connectivity, remote access, password policies and email usage policies. We ensure that best practices guidelines have been followed with regards to server and network installations and make recommendations based on those guidelines. Upon completion of the auditing process you will receive a complete report that will detail areas of concern and include a suggested course of action.

Intrusion Detection
Our Intrusion Detection services will provide you with a warning to alert you of attempts to circumvent system security. The IDS is designed to protect against both internal and external threats. Our IDS services feature full reporting capabilities as well as email, cell phone, and pager notification for critical events.

Virus Protection Services
Computer virus infections cost businesses hundreds of millions of dollars every year in lost revenue, system maintenance, and recovery. User training is the single most effective tool for preventing the spread of computer viruses. Making users aware of the risks associated with downloading files, opening attachments and avoiding potentially harmful programs will ... This training, in combination with a managed virus protection system, will further assist you in managing your system security.

Content Management and Firewall Services
Constructing a security zone between your systems and the public Internet is essential today. We offer a full line of products and services to assist you in this goal. Our firewall services include installation, management and support. Most products features included compatibility for major applications, content management, robust reporting, easy to use management, and VPN services.

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