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virus protection

Most people have had to deal with a computer virus at one time or another. Sometimes these viruses are just annoying or embarrassing - sending random emails to friends and business contacts. Other times they can be destructive - destroying critical files or exposing confidential documents to others. With new computer viruses being written and distributed everyday this will be an issue that you will have to handle for a long time to come.

There are ways to build an effective defense from most computer viruses. The majority of successful infections depend on some type of user interaction. Opening strange email attachments or downloading that cool screen saver are just a few ways that virus can get past your defenses. The way to manage the threat of user initiated virus infection is through training. If fact, the single most effective step in defending against computer viruses is training your users to exercise caution and recognize potential viruses. We will develop a custom training program to help your employees to identify and deal with potential virus threats.

Staying up to date with patches and service packs for your operating system, email application, and office packages is another effective step to prevent virus infections. Most current computer viruses are dependent on some hole in your email or operating system for the infection to spread. Keeping track of the latest service packs can be a time consuming task. Let us assist you in maintaining and applying these critical updates to your systems.

The final component to defending against computer viruses is the anti-virus program. Many companies have invested lots of money in their antivirus defense only to install and forget about it. They let the program run without applying the latest definition files and thus are not protected from the most current viruses. If you have 5 computers then you need to consider a centrally managed virus protection solution. Features of a good antivirus program include automatic definition updates, centralized management, and central alerting and reporting. We will assist you in selecting and installing an effective solution for your business. Whether you need to protect your file server, workstations, or scan email there is a solution available for you.

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